OUR HISTORY          
 w  w  w  .  h  i  l  a  t  u  r  a  s  j  o  r  d  a  .  c  o  m           

 The first piece of information that we have dates from   1896. The work of D. Miguel Jordá Botí in the field of   knitting and sewing threads marks the beginning of the   idustrial activity.
   Due to his enterprising mind, the company that it had   just local outlets it spreaded across the region. A few   years later ( beginning XX century) a haberdashery   was first open in one of the most central streets in   Alcoy named "CASA ELS CHICS" (The boys' house)   where were sold sewing and knitting threads for   needlework.
    After the death of D. Miguel   Jordá Botí his smaller son D.   José Jordá Cantó took charge   for the business.
    With the second generation it is produced a change of outstanding importance.

   The location of Hilaturas Jordá is moved to Echegaray Street on account of the urgent necessity of growthand therefore necessity   of space. The company' strategy, owing to the structural changes that were taking place in our country, was not to make sewing   threads for needlework any more but for industrial use. The company surronded itself with a qualified team of people who try to   develop all the projects raised.
   The third generation tries to adapt itself to the new ages and to make Hilaturas Jordá become an active company with future. With   this aim the projects undertaken, the knowledge of the market and the selection of the distribution means, have achieved that the   company was in all the markets of the national territory and to export to many european and non-EC countries.

 In March 1995 the Lyocell thread was presented in the Primer Visión Fair of Paris. This fact became a very important event in   the sector because a new kind of thread have not been introduced in the market for many years. Thanks to this new kind of thread   HILATURAS JORDA recieved from the Chamber of Commerce in Alicante THE HONOR DIPLOMA for the Design, Research and   Development. The honorable President of the Comunidad Valenciana D. Eduardo Zaplana was who gave this award. HILATURAS   JORDÁ has commited itself to improve the quality of its products day by day, and thanks to that it recieved the Oko-Tex certificate   for its 100% cotton items. In November 2000, HILATURAS JORDÁ got from the "Conselleria de Cultura y Educación" and the   board of Chambers in the Comunidad Valenciana a prize for its career and its important contribution to the Professional training   development.
     Day after day, and with your help we will try that this company become more dynamic and adaptable to its clientes' necessities.    No doubt that we are going to do our best to achieved it.

w  w  w  .  h  i  l  a  t  u  r  a  s  j  o  r  d  a  .  c  o  m